How To Workout Your Lower Abs And Stay In Shape

fitness motivation signWhat are the best diets today, ones that you can actually do. Most diets that work very well are extremely hard to pull off not to mention you have to be 100 percent determined to do it. But what if there are some diets and lower ab workouts out there today that work extremely well and easy enough that you might actually just be able to pull off.

Today that is exactly what I would like to talk about. So lets go over some of the diets and lower ab workouts that I really like and I truly believe anyone can do. When I started my first diet and fitness program I must have been only 13.

I was tiered of being a chubby little kid and there was a very cute girl that I liked at the time. That alone made me very motivated to change my ways. I started with my lower ab workouts for 20 to 30 minutes a day and 30 minutes or so running on my treadmill that we had parked in the garage. The salad diet that I started was actually not to bad, I ate nothing but salads 3 to 4 times a day and never missed my daily fitness an ab exercise sessions, I was really obsessed with getting good abs back then. I don’t really know why I was only 13 when I started this obsession, maybe something to do with a tv show I liked, I can’t really recall what sparked it. Anyway around the two week mark I did lose a lot of weight, I was extremely happy and for the first time ever in my life I felt like the master of my own destiny. That is such a great feeling!

I continued this for about two months and ever since that day I have never been more then 30 pounds over weight in my life, I might even need a good testosterone booster to get my muscle mass back up. I was never really to fat as a child but I was indeed in the middle. Now when I go back and think about my first fitness and diet plan the reason I did so well was because I was extremely motivated, a girl can do that to a young boy. So you need to have the motivation or you might as well not even try, as starting a diet and lower ab routine can be really expensive, if your buying equipment of course.

So the first thing anyone needs is a decent level of motivation, a diet that you can actually stick with and a fitness plan that you can do on a daily basis. I know a lot of people that can do the fitness but not the diet or can do the diet and not the fitness, which is good but to achieve amazing results you need to have both in your arsenal. I for one do not mind the salad diet or my right size smoothie diet, with an occasion splurge on any food I desire from time to time, I don’t think we should go our whole life’s and not enjoy the finer thing’s but we do have to keep it minimal if we want to achieve weight loss and great set of upper and lower abs. And for exercise all you have to do is put on your jogging shoes and jog around your neighborhood for 15 to 30 minutes a day, it is not that hard.

But I do understand some people might be a little to overweight and find this very dreadful to do, the good news is you can always buy a treadmill or a workout machine and do your daily exercise at home. Or you can just make some room in front of your treadmill and buy one of those fitness DVDs such as Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I hear great things about her DVD workouts and all you have to do is follow what she does on TV.

You can see some of her students best 30 day shred results on you tube and it will really help you get motivated. Remember tho to start off slow and work your way up when doing any kind of exercising. Don’t just go all crazy at first, try to go slow and work your way up. If you would also like to work out your lower abs my favorite website for training and learning is you tube. People on there are excellent at helping people work out all there ab muscles. They have ab workouts and exercises for men as well as ab workouts for women, me personal I don’t know what the difference is. They seem like the exact same ab workouts but nonetheless it is a great place to get started.

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